quick picture 4 horrorqueenharlot who wanted… this

quick picture 4 horrorqueenharlot who wanted… this


Autumn look!

I have the cutest friends


person: u should like more colours

me: image

i made an animal

i made an animal



horrorqueenharlot stop reblogging breaking bad



walter white looks rly rly bad with hair without goatee cus then he falls into the same pokemon egg group as like david hasselhoff and that is the absolute worst looking class of man next to like “surfer dudes” (disgusting) and blonde white guys who are very sunburned and dirty looking (absolutely horrible).

but when he shaves and sports a goatee he looks like an aphex twin song. so fucking hot and edgy science murr very yiff

I love his droopy ahegao faces. he looks like he’s melting with joy

he also looks yiffy when he’s doing the emo video game dad look with the beard in the last season, but when he looks more kempt and shit

what should i draw

sometimes i wanna ask “what should i draw” but i dont want the bad requests